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Titres des mémoires de Master soutenus à la Faculté d'Agronomie et des Sciences de l'Environnement

Titres et Auteurs Résumés

Diagnostic Phytopathologique des maladies racinaires et Foliaires de l’hevéa dans l’arrondissement de MEYOMESSALA, région du SUD CAMEROUN


Par POKAM Maëva Stella

Option Production végétale (PV)


Année académique 2021/2022

The rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is a Euphorbiaceae cultivated almost exclusively for its latex. However, its cultivation is subject to various pathological constraints, the most important of which are Corynespora Leaf Fall (CLF) and root rots, which are respectively responsible for losses greater than 30 and 80% in susceptible clones. The objective of this study is to contribute to the improvement of the production of latex through a good management of the symptoms of CLF and root rots of the rubber tree. To achieve this, the methodological approach consisted in carrying out field work, in particular the circumscription of the study area (1500 ha) and the delimitation of seven areas on the basis of the different rubber tree clones, the homogeneity of the faces observed, then followed the description of the typical symptoms of CLF and root rots of rubber trees.

Effet combiné des poudres d’eucaplytus saligna et curpressus lusitanica sur sitophilus zeamis (Coleoptera-Curculionidae) ravageur du maïs en stockage au CAMEROUN



Option Production végétale (PV)


Année académique 2021/2022

The Sitophilus zeamais corn weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is a primary insect pest of corn in stock. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a combination of plant powders at different doses against this pest. For this purpose, powders of Cupressus lucitanica, Eucalyptus saligna and a combination of the two powders in equal proportion were used in bio-efficacy tests carried out under laboratory conditions at an average temperature of 24± 2°C, at the UEC Environmental Sciences Laboratory. Batches of 10 insects were put in boxes containing 100g of corn previously mixed with each of the powders in different doses. These treatments were repeated three times following the complete random device. These treatments were repeated three times following the complete random device.

Evaluation des performances agronomiques de deux variétés de haricot vert (Cogito et Super violacé foncé) soumises à différents niveaux de fertilisation granulée et foliaire dans la localité de FOUMBOT


Par MBEUKEM NOUBISSI Stéphanie Désirée

Option Production végétale (PV)


Année académique 2021/2022

Benchmark international fertilizer prices have been rising throughout 2021, with many costs reaching record highs. The most notable increases concern nitrogen fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers. In contrast, potash fertilizer prices have remained more stable over the 12 months. In order to reduce its production costs of green bean pods, and at the same time circumvent the problem of acidity of its soils, the company PROLE S.A decided to integrate foliar fertilizers into its fertilisation protocol. The objective of this study was to evaluate the possibility of having yields that approach those btained in previous year by people the sole use of granular fertilizers, with the association of these with foliar fertilizers.

Diagnostique des systémes de culture dans l’arrondissement de  de  PETE-BANDJOUN



Option Production végétale (PV)


Année académique 2021/2022

In Cameroon, food security is threatened by decline in the level of fertility of land, its degradation, the increase in the price of chemical fertilizers on the market, population growth, low income of producers and environmental pollution. The aim here was proposed to do technical an economic analysis of farming systems in Pété-Bandjoun to ameliorate our knowledge and to bring in dispensary elements for the development agriculture in Bandjoun. Two principals farming systems were identified: intercropping and pure crop.

Faune associée au papayer (carica papaya) en pépinière et en champ dans la localité de Njombé, Littoral-Cameroun



Option Production végétale (PV)


​​​​​​​Année académique 2021/2022

Producers of this crop face several constraints, including the activities of insect pests and diseases. In order to contribute to the improvement of the production of this crop, this study has established the fauna associated with papaya.

Effet des extraits de lantana camara et de la cendre d’eucalyptus salinga sur spodoptera frugiperda (LEPIDOPTERA-NCTUIDAE), ravageur du maïs à Foumbot, Ouest-Cameroun


Par DOUP Felix Roland Stephan Tieche

Option Production végétale (PV)


​​​​​​​Année académique 2020/2021


Effets des différentes doses et périodes d’application de l’acide gibbérellique sur la croissance et le rendement du Maïs sur un andosol des hauts plateaux de l’Ouest Cameroun



Option Production végétale (PV)


​​​​​​​Année académique 2019/2020


In order to improve maize yields (Zea mays) in the West region of Cameroun, a trial to investigate the effects on hormones was carried out on an Andosol in the locality of Foumbot, Noun division, West region of Cameroon from March 08, 2021 to July 12, 2021. Specifically, it was a question of looking for the right combination of gibberellin acid on the dose and period of application on the variety of corn CHH 101, for an increase in yield and profitability. The experimental design used here was a split-plot. The factors studied were the period of application as main factor with three modalities: 21 DAP, seed soaking and 74 DAP and dose application as secondary factor with five modalities: 0ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, 150 ppm and 200 ppm. The following variables were studied: plant height, number of leaves per plant and leaf area at 21, 28, 35, 42 and 49 DAP and yield variables at 120 DAP, The collected data were treated with the software Excel 2010, then the statistical analysis was done with the software R Studio 3.5.1. The results showed that for the height of the plants.